UE40EH5000Hi Guys! Just wanted to apologise for the lack of recent updates over the past few weeks. I have just moved into a new apartment so I have been extremely busy. Although this presents a fantastic opportunity to talk about the new tech I will be furnishing my apartment with. I thought I would kick start this update off with my new Television, the Samsung Series 5 LED 40 inch TV (UE40EH5000);


I picked this tv up for £354 from Pixmaina online. I believe this is a French based company and I also noticed that on the parcel tracking it originated in France. Nevertheless the TV arrived within 3 days even though I had paid the cheaper shipping price of £21. The only disadvantage of ordering from an overseas company is that I had to fit an adapter on the plus, however this was all included.


The TV has an extremely small surround and a really nice finish. It looks almost as good as some as some of the more expensive Samsung TV’s. Where it lacks is the actual thickness of TV. It is perhaps is a little too fat to go on a wall and not as slimline as some of the other competition in this price range.

Setting Up

The TV came nearly all assembled except for 8 screws that were needed to be placed in the stand. This took much longer than expected as the screws are extremely difficult to get in unless you have a large screw driver you can really get some leverage with.


The TV has a full HD 1080p LED screen. This produces a very high-quality picture although if I am being very critical it is maybe slightly dim in the corners, although you would never noticeable unless you were actually looking for it.


Overall I feel this TV is a great value 40 inch TV – If not one of the best for the price in the current market. It obviously lacks the Smart TV options that higher priced TV’s offer but if you have a PS3 or XBOX like I do it seems a little redundant when you have most of this functionality through your console anyway.

WLT162.lb_samsngseries9.samsng9a-580-90This next blog post is going to be focused around what I plan to be my next laptop purchase; the Samsung Series 9 Ultra Book. This laptop comes in both 13 and 15 inch screen sizes – although the 15 inch isn’t readily available yet in the UK unless bought online.


Until you see a Series 9 in the flesh you will be amazed how thin this laptop really is. At only 13.2mm at its thickest point, this laptop is extremely portable. With a professional look to the exterior casing this laptop in my opinion is one of the best looking on the market at the moment.


This laptop features a powerful dual core i5 processor helping it perform just as well as its rivals such as Asus and Dell ultra books. For a small laptop I was surprised how well it performed when carrying out CPU intensive tasks such as photo editing. In terms of laptop batteries, this machine outperformed many of the competition when tested.


Although a pricey option in terms of laptops, I believe this is one of the best laptops on the market currently. Although some larger laptops may offer slightly better performance at a lower price, the actual design and portability of this sleek Ultra Book more than makes up for it. As with any laptop purchase I would always advise to take advantage of laptop accessories that can be bundled together in the purchase.

440x330-iphone-5-vs-8Hi guys! So I have now been using my Apple iPhone 5 for nearly 6 months so thought I best deliver my verdict on it. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas by contacting me on mail@thebesttech.co.uk

The Display

Coming from an iPhone 4 screen my initial analysis of the new display was excellent. It looked sharp, bright and the slightly bigger screen made everything much clearer and easier to navigate. Although when comparing to the Samsing S4 display I feel the Samsungs Amoled screen slightly has the edge but not by much.


The new camera on the iPhone 5 is by far the best camera I have used on a smart-phone. Both clear and crisp and the pictures are ultra defined upon inspection. The full HD video proved extremely good too and this speedy phone had no problem handling it.


As expected the new iPhone has even better performance than the last on paper. Despite this I couldn’t really feel a noticeable difference from the 4s unfortunately, although still excellent performance all round under testing thanks to the A6 processor and new GPU.

Battery life

One of the most annoying things I have discovered when using these power hungry iPhone’s is that the battery just won’t last a full day. Unless you fancy carrying a charger around with you this can get very frustrating. Fortunately the new iphone 5 does not disappoint, tested under intense and typical daily use, the battery proved much better than my old iPhone 4.

What would you like me to review next?